Did you find value in having both Eric and Linda as your agents as opposed to using a single agent?
Yes it was very advantageous to have both Linda and Eric as they have different strengths and points of view which helped us through the process.

Was it helpful to have us present for each showing to sell the features of your home?
I believe it made a huge difference having one of them present for the showings. They knew our house inside and out and could point out features to the prospective buyers that their agent would have missed.

How do you feel we handled the escrow process for you?
Everything went very smoothly. I’ve never had closings that went off without a hitch. Eric had checked the closing documents even before I had them and caught a mistake. He had the closing documents corrected before they even made it to me!

Do you think we were good at contract negotiations?
We were presented with two different contracts. The first one involved a lengthy close of escrow and some conditions which Eric explained to us in detail and let us know what the ramifications would be. We were firm on one point and Eric did back us up on it. On the buying end, our seller was being difficult on a few items but Eric and Linda negotiated in the background and were able to make us satisfied.

Anything else you would like to share with us?
After the closing, the service didn’t stop. Eric called to check on us and Linda assisted with arranging some repair work. This is the first time an agent has been there AFTER the sale closed. I’m impressed! I’ve already referred them to a colleague at work.

Barb and Steve H. – Former Fireside Residents