The floorplans are sorted by the original builders series of homes. If you have a specific question about a floorplan please feel free to reach out.

Majesty Series – This is Fireside’s largest series of homes ranging from 3,743-4,301 SQFT. Crimson Point is the only majesty series community in Fireside at Desert Ridge and is located on the Southwest corner of Deer Valley and Aviano Way. Fireside Elementary and the Fireside Community Center are located just South of Crimson Point which makes it very convenient for everyone to access.

Splendor Series – This is the most popular collection of homes in Fireside at Desert Ridge and can be found in Copper View, Saguaro Valley and Sunset Canyon. One thing to note is the time in which each area was built. Sunset Canyon was built from 2007-2008. Saguaro Valley started in 2008 and finished in 2013. Copper View started in 2012 and finished in 2013. The builder changed vendors over this period of time, so you will find different standard finishes in these areas.

Monument Series – This is a collection of single and 2-story homes ranging is size from 2,001-4,049 SQFT. This series can only be found in Amber Crest which has over 200 lots. 50 of the lots back or side to the Santa Cruz wash or open community space. This community is easily accessed from 40th St and Mayo BLVD.

Infinity Series – The only community inside Fireside that offers the Infinity Series is Desert Vista. This gated community is comprised of 26 tri-plex townhome buildings and is located south Deer Valley just west of 40th St. If you are looking for a townhome in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area put these on your list. They are superior in size, finishes, and value compared to neighboring communities. If you need the master bedroom downstairs check out the Santa Ana model.

Eternal Series – Scarlet Ridge and Sierra Peak are gated communities often mistaken for townhomes in Fireside, however they are single family detached homes in a cluster or horse shoe layout. You will not have to worry about taking care of a yard in either of these communities because its included in the HOA dues.  The popularity for this type of community is growing and once you visit you will begin to see what makes these homes so attractive for many buyers.

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