If you live in Fireside or thinking about purchasing a home in the Desert Ridge area you will have to pay Home Owner Association (HOA) fees. Fireside HOA fees vary depending on the sub-community you live in. All the fees are broken down in detail below. This is not the official fee site for Fireside at Desert Ridge. However, we believe this to be accurate and true. We will also do our best to keep this information as up to date as possible.

Fireside – Monthly Dues $120

Every home owner in Fireside pays the $120 monthly HOA fee. AAM (Associated Asset Management, LLC – 602-957-9191) is the management company and their onsite community manager is Eric Holmgren. The HOA fees pay for things like the community center, common area landscaping, and operational cost. You can find out more information by accessing the Fireside community website. When you sell your home in Fireside there is a $400 HOA disclosure fee charged to the seller.  AAM also collects a $240 working capital fee and a $400 community enhancement fee upon the sale of a home. Buyers should expect to pay their first 2 months of HOA fees at closing.

There are 3 areas in Fireside that have additional HOA cost.

Desert Vista – Monthly Dues $144 + $120 = $264

Desert Vista in Fireside is a Tri-plex multi-family gated community managed by AAM and has a separate HOA governing the collection of townhomes. This fee covers the gate, roads, community landscaping, and exterior maintenance of each building. Since it is a separate HOA residing in Fireside, there are additional fees incurred when a home sells. The seller must pay a $400 HOA disclosure fee. There is also a $432 reserve contribution fee collected when a townhome sells in Desert Vista. Buyer should expect to pay their first 2 months of HOA fees at closing or $288.

Sierra Peak – Monthly Dues $120 + $65 = $185
Scarlet Ridge – Monthly Dues $120 + $60 = $180

These 2 communities inside Fireside are gated. The additional fee covers the cost for the gates, roads, and community landscaping. There are no additional cost associated with the sale of a home in these communities other than the normal fees collected for Fireside. Buyer should expect to pay their first 2 months of HOA fees at closing.

Ember Court – Monthly Dues $120 + $31 = $151

This is a small community of 6 homes located off of Ember Court and Aviano Way. These homes are a part of the same series of homes as Sierra Peak and Scarlet Ridge, however these six homes are not gated. The additional $31 a month covers the landscaping for this area. Buyer should expect to pay their first 2 months of HOA fees at closing or $302.

Desert Ridge Master – Semi-Annual Dues $222

All homes with in the Desert Ridge Master plan community are subject to a semi-annual HOA fee of $222 due January and July 1st. The Desert Ridge Community Association (DRCA) is managed by First Service Residential. They can be contacted by calling 480-551-4300 or online. If you are an owner in Desert Ridge selling your home, you should be aware of the seller paid $245 HOA resale disclosure fee and a buyer/seller $155 negotiable transfer fee charge by First Service Residential. The Desert Ridge master does not collect at working capital, community enhancement, or reserve contribution fee.

Here are the fees broken down and totaled for Fireside sellers and buyers.

If you live or buying in Desert Vista, the following fees will apply.

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