If you live in Sky Crossing or thinking about purchasing a home in Sky Crossing you will have to pay Home Owner Association (HOA) fees. Sky Crossing HOA fees vary depending on the sub-community you live in. All the fees are broken down in detail below. This is not the official fee site for Sky Crossing. However, we believe this to be accurate and true. We will also do our best to keep this information as up to date as possible.

Sky Crossing – Monthly Dues $112

Every home owner in Sky Crossing pays the $112 monthly HOA fee. AAM (Associated Asset Management, LLC – 602-957-9191) is the management company. The HOA fee pay for things like the community center, common area landscaping, and operational cost. When you sell your home in Sky Crossing there is a $400 HOA disclosure fee charged to the seller.  AAM also collects a $224 reserve fee, a $224 Working Capital fee and a $500 community enhancement fee upon the sale of a home. Buyers should expect to pay their first 2 months of HOA fees at closing.

Astarea at Sky Crossing – Monthly Dues $130

Astarea is the gated section of Sky Crossing. Home owners in this area pay an addtional $130 a month to cover the expenses of the roads, gate, and exclusive clubhouse pool area. The total monthly HOA fee for homes in Astarea is $242. Homes are also subject to an additional $260 Reserve fee and a $260 Working Capital fee in a resale transaction. 

Here are the resale/disclosure fees broken down and totaled for a home resale transaction in Sky Crossing.

  • Seller HOA disclosure fees – $400
  • Buyer/Seller fees – $948
    • Reserve Fee – $224
    • Working Capital – $224
    • Community Enhancement – $500
  • Buyer pays 1st 2 months of Fireside HOA fee at closing – $224

If you live or buying in Astarea, the following fees will apply.

  • Seller HOA disclosure fees – $400
  • Buyer/Seller fees – $1468
    • Sky Crossing Reserve fee – $224
    • Sky Crossing Working Capital -$224
    • Astarea Reserve fee – $260
    • Astarea Working Capital -$260
    • Community Enhancement – $500
  • Buyer pays 1st 2 months of Sky Crossing HOA fee at closing – $224
  • Buyer pays 1st 2 months of Astarea HOA fee at closing – $260