Humble Pie Desert RidgeThe Humble Pie in Desert Ridge has to be among the best pizza joints in all of North Phoenix. Fresh pizza, wine, and an awesome specials makes it to the top of our list.

Now there are some of you out there, including me, that like to sit down and eat so much pizza your belly looks and feels like a calzone and if you are that hungry go to Mellow Mushroom in City North. Humble Pie is for when you are in your less gluttonous mood and want great tasting food.

Humble Pie Desert RidgeThey serve the lighter fare style of pizza and salads with flavor. My current favorite is the Apple & Arugula salad with a 9″ S.O.P pizza. I am not one to venture deep in to a menu, however the lack of conversation during any meal is the tell-tell sign of good food.

The lunch special and happy hour deals are really what keeps us coming back. The Lunch Special is any 9″ pizza with any cup of soup or small salad for $9.95. Or a half sandwich with a cup of soup or small salad for $8.95. Or a cup of soup with small salad for $7.95. Kind of a no brainer when you are looking for something that doesn’t come in a box or wrapper for lunch. You might want to check out the Humble Pie website for their latest happy hour and other specials. This place is worth a sit-down.


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