We relocated from Oregon. Met with Eric & Linda long before we began our actual home search. We had contacted 3 different Realtors while in Phoenix on a business trip, letting each know that we were in the process of selling our home in Oregon so we weren’t quite ready to begin the search in Phoenix but wanted to basically “interview” a Realtor here so we would be ready when the time came. Eric and Linda were the only Realtors willing to meet with us. The other two said they would meet with us when we were ready to begin our search but weren’t too interested in meeting before that. Once we did relocate, we worked primarily with Linda, but Eric was available also, They understood what we were looking for and helped us find the perfect home! They both seemed very knowledgeable and hard working. Linda was great when it came down the negotiations. We highly recommend them!

This testimonial can be found on our Zillow profile page. If you want to work with a top realtor in the Scottsdale area, please contact us today.

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